Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2011

Holla, its been awhile since i sign into my blog. Not that I'm busy with work or studies, just lazy. that's the end of it.^^

Its been a year people, i've forgotten a few things that happen to me last year either it's happy or bad moment. Does't matter cause its a past now, and im gonna summarize everything that happen for the past few months.

Lets start with February 2011. Played soccer for Bluehawks FC for 2 years already and din't regret that i've joined this team, as this team is amazing, joined for a Seremban League and we're in the finals against Expert Klang. Quite a good team actually, and when i was in the game, something bad happen. Twisted my knee within 2 minutes in the field and im out of the game. 2nd place for us, but we're happy cause that's our best achievement.So, after the injury, stay out of football for a couple of months, and went for physiotherapy for knee treatment.

March, just busy-ing with work, and stay out of football, nothing much happen..

April, My team joined the Mont Kiara League game. So, i was back to the field again just to start up with a few light training after 2 months break. Thought that everything will be fine but then, knee injury occur again. thats too bad>,<

May, Went for MRI check up on the knee and ended up with bad news. Doc, said that my ACL Ligament has torn and i need surgery if i want to recover. Kinda down after hear what the doctor said. May 11th, When for a surgery and stayed in hospital for 3 days. Was boring there, just eat and sleep. That's what a patient does in hospital and meet a few nurses.hoho

June, stayed at home for a month due to injury. And i was told that i'll be out of action on the field for 9 months. Thats a long period of time...shittt..

Anyway, gotta start working 1 week later. Okay, thats about it people, gotta sleep.. take care all. enjoy your weekends. ciaozzzz

Sunday, June 20, 2010

4days 3nights Tenggol Island

It's been awhile since i went to beach and last week i get to go to for a trip to my uncle island, Tenggol Island. Yea, im guessing u guys will not know where this island is located. It's near Redang Island. which is also located at Terengganu. The island not totally owned by my uncle.. he has a few partners actually. There's only 3 small resorts in that island which is fully equip with fans, and air-conditioning. The best part is, the water that we're using is from underground and they said water is the most valuable stuff in that island.

The journey to the place was quite far, took us around 4 to 5 hours to the jetty, but we overnight at a motel called Mayang Sari near the jetty, so that we can get enough rest for the following day. The motel was sucks to the max. But we are all fine with it, and was getting ready for next morning. So, on friday morning 18th Jun 2010, we have our journey to the island. Instead of using a speedboat ,we get to ride on those fisherman boat which take us approximately 2hours to reach to the island. The ride was suffering.

Once we reach the island, everyone was relieve because the suffering was ended.LOLS. and we enjoy our day there. The food was awesome, Snorkeling was a great experience as well. My uncle and i was snorkeling all the way while we're there and was stung by a few jellyfish and we saw a school of dolphin swim through the ocean. It was fun to see dolphin. Im back with rashes bites from sandflies. It's damn itchy for now=.=.. anyway, nice trip and hope to do that again.. That's all for now.. im out of words. ciaozz n take care.^^

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Dinner

I been to lots of wedding dinner when i was young til now. But today, 30th may 2010, was the best wedding dinner ever joined at Golden Dragonboat Restaurant at Kampung Pandan. The environment in that restaurant is nice but the problem is that, the parking is limited=.=

I said that i have fun because i went with my team members as one of the member is the bridegroom - Congratulation to him. And the funniest part is that every food that serve to our table will be gone in less than 5 minutes. I donno what happen to our member, but, we just grab the food like no other business. Maybe it's because we played a football game early in the morning and uses up all our energy, and guess what? we won 3 -1..nice game team..Ok, back to the dinner.

And just realise that there's a few of the members are ALCOHOLIC.. We called him legend just now. He started drinking from start till the very end of the wedding dinner. He bottoms up every glass n won't stop drinking and one of our member kena gao gao. Mix whisky n wine and everyone bottoms up with him ended up in the toilet vomitting (im not included coz im driving)HAHA and a few have to carry him to the car. At the end, everyone go back home safely and i headed to Pandan Indah to have a drink with few friends before going home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

photoshooting session

Hey yo. Its photoshooting time.. Lets have some fun and laughter while we take picture together.. LOLS

Alright, let's begin without hesitating. Today was one of my enjoyable day for me as my buddies and i were having a great fun using a camera. It's like a so called 'Photoshooting session'. Not really sure if that's also call a photoshooting. Anyway, correct me if im wrong brother,sisters if u're reading this post.

This was planned last week though, and was quite fast in decision making. Photoshooting session part 1 begin in the morning at a park at buddy house, pictures was taken in different position,angle and so on.. Part 2 was more fun, we basically photoshooting in a house that renovation was in progress.. Lots of pictures was taken through out the photoshooting from serious look to funny pic to fighting pic and so on. Guess what? There's no picture available here yet. Sorry about that and im looking forward to view all those pictures together with the bunch. That's all for now. See u guys and take care ^^

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mai football team

Hey,this post is all about my football life.eventhought it's not like those EPL players but im proud of myself for i've been playing football since i was 10 years old.. Football is always my favourite kind of sport and i dreamt of being a footballer when i was young.. childish right? haha.

After my school life,i've stop playing football for 3months till one of my friend brought me to his team, Japan Team.. which is his elder brother team. Since then, i played football again and has been playing for this team for almost 2 years... Sometimes, i'll have a great time playing football with them every sunday and get to know some friends too in this team. Anyway, this a group photo of our team. Anyway, there's a few more player missing as far as u all concern. LOLS.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Short post for now as im trying to make full use of this blog i created few months back.. So, lets start by saying this.. Started the class last week, was excited about it but also alil boring because i need to drive to Maju Junction, sit in the class with a few friends i met, listen to the Lecture explaining every single sentences from the slides presented.

First day of the class itself, the Lecture gave us 5 assignments but we onli need to do 2 for now and i haven't started one as im blogging here..LOLS.. Anyway, gonna start doing it right after blogging.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 2010

This is the 2nd month of the year 2010.. So far, enjoy the days with bunch of buddies.. Wasn't blogging on the 1st month of 2010 because im lazy. SO, JANUARY UPDATES - everyone was stressed out with their exam, friends that i know burn the midnight oil just to memorize the facts and to make sure everything they studied is in their mind. quite stress though.. and i have my exam too.. wasn't really touching the book but i manage to go through a few past year question for my business practice. hope i get through as i always say this to myself.

And guess what.. I had another trip with my buddies Yesterday which is on the 5th of FEB to Melaka one day trip. I haven't been there for about 6 to 7 years and that place changes alots. Basically, this trip is for those student to relax alil bit after their stressful week during the exam,LOLS. And at last, i enrolled in my insurance class again and my class is only on Saturday from 9am til 4pm. But due to having maximum fun with my buddies, i skip my first class.. WTF. Anyway, Chinese New Year is on next week. Haven't buy any new cloths for this CNY. and im cool with that, nothing to worry about. Just enjoy the day by visiting relatives, gather around ,have fun,joy and laughter with family and friends... Wish u all a Happy Chinese New Year.. Ciaozzz. will be updating my blog again when i have the mood..^^ and i even forget my password for this blog site..KNS